MyInd Interview with Dr. Richard Benkin

The UN is a ridiculous organization. It might not have started out as one, but it is now. It harps on the political fantasies supported by some of the worst human rights violators and rarely supports true democratic rule. It seems obsessed with a phony "occupation" (that is, Israel), while it ignores a very real and brutal occupation of Baluchistan, Pashtunistan, and Sindhudesh by Pakistan, which has been going on since before Israel was even a nation. The UN's priorities and values are upside down. Read on.

Please help educate others about the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh buy re-posting our infographic from Tumblr. Help us reach new audiences with data and things each of you can do to help save 12-15 million souls. Read on.

Get Dr. Richard Benkin's book, A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: the Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus, now in its second printing, from his web site. or Amazon.

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