Forcefield President addresses Jagirti on Bangladeshi Hindus

By Richard L. Benkin
Recently, a member of the United States Congress asked me to join her at a private meeting with some Yazidis—that Middle Eastern group threatened with extermination by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Yezidism is one of the only non-Abrahamic faiths left in that part of the world, and it is right in ISIS’s path of conquest. They described the humanitarian crisis they face, its strategic implications, and the human rights atrocities ISIS is inflicting upon them. After the meeting, I told the Congresswoman that everything happening to the Yazidi—the murders, religious desecration, land seizures, and the criminal treatment of Yazidi women—is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, except it is happening to the Yazidi all at once. For Bangladeshi Hindus, it has been a less dramatic but no less genocidal process taking place over decades. That makes it easier for the Bangladeshis to deny, and easier for the rest of the world to ignore. Read on.

Dr. Richard Benkin's book, A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: the Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus, which documents the atrocity and the Bangladeshi government's complicity, is in its second printing and available on his web site and on Amazon.

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