Stop the destruction of Bangladesh’s Hindus—or let them die: It’s YOUR choice.
Dr. Richard Benkin's Speech at Delhi University

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We have a chance to prevent the total destruction of the Hindu community there; and each of us has a moral imperative NOT to sit by idly. Let us begin today to act like moral individuals and stop sitting by idly; stop hiding behind our fear of loud ideologues; stop hiding behind a topsy-turvy world view in which their ideology is more important than people’s lives; stop hiding behind the studied non-involvement of others; stop hiding behind the excuse that everyone has to do something before any one of us does; stop hiding behind the let’s-pretend-world in which ethnic cleansing is all right as long as we cover our eyes. Read on.

Dr. Richard Benkin's book documenting the ethnic cleansing of the Bangladeshi Hindus is in its second printing and is now available on his web site and on Amazon; and to readers in India and other countries from Akshaya Prakashan.

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